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Protecting The Elderly

Financial Exploitation of the Elderly is a CRIME

Too often, incidents of stealing from an elderly victim are misinterpreted as a "family matter," or the elderly individual is blamed for giving the suspect their money or property. A common misperception is that the perpetrator did not "take" the money or property from the victim, but that the victim "gave" their valuables to the perpetrator – therefore, how can it be a crime?

David Kessler can answer this question based upon the hundreds of cases he has investigated involving financial exploitation of the elderly. David's investigations have resulted in the conviction and imprisonment of PREDATORS.

About David Kessler:

David M. Kessler is a retired Police Officer (former Commander of the Financial Crimes Unit) with the Dekalb County Police Department in Decatur, Georgia. He has dedicated his professional life to providing education and guidance for public and private sector professionals on the topic of exploitation of the elderly, and making certain those who prey on elderly victims are punished.

David was recruited by the Ohio Attorney General in 1999 to serve as Chief Investigator of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Unit. Within this role, David's primary focus became the protection of senior citizens against those who would prey upon them.

With extensive knowledge and vast experience in the area of elder exploitation, David chose to leave the government sector in 2008 to form his own consulting business, Protecting The Elderly. As a keynote speaker and trainer on the topic of exploitation of the elderly, David addresses all facets of these crimes, including: Undue Influence, Sweetheart Swindles, Power of Attorney Thefts, and Home Improvement Scams.

David holds the distinction of being a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice.


Event Speaking:

In order to raise awareness, David Kessler speaks throughout the country about the escalating problem of exploitation of the elderly. If your organization needs an event speaker, contact David for dates of availability.

Training for Organizations:

David is available to train your organization's staff on what security measures can be taken to protect your elderly clients or members. He can also share his expertise as a consultant for individual cases involving allegations of crimes against the elderly.

David has conducted training seminars for businesses and organizations such as banks, credit unions, attorneys, nursing homes, financial planners, social services, insurance companies, and medical institutions. Recognizable clients include:

  • National White Collar Crime Center
  • National District Attorneys Association
  • American Association of Retired Persons
  • Kentucky Attorney General
  • City of Columbus, Ohio Fire/EMS
  • Boise State University, Center for Aging
  • National Sheriff's Association
  • Michigan Department of Commerce
  • Maryland Credit Union League
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation


To those who have been told that their loved ones situation is civil in nature and not a crime, David Kessler consults with families and victims in order to get law enforcement and prosecutors to initiate an investigation which will lead to a successful prosecution of the predators who prey on our senior citizens.

Protecting the Elderly, David M. Kessler

Comments from Dave's training seminars:

"Riveting material from a powerful speaker"

"Passionate trainer on shameless crimes in our society"

"Anyone with elderly in their lives needs to hear Mr. Kessler"

David Kessler

David M. Kessler  A.C.F.E.

David can train your staff or consult on your situation. Please call (614) 832-0741 or email David Kessler for pricing and availability.

"We owe it to AMERICA'S GREATEST GENERATION – OUR SENIOR CITIZENS to protect them from those who are determined to steal their assets and dignity." - David Kessler